The intention of this bureau is to create two opposing landscapes that are able to coexist and at the same time visualize the conflict between them. On one hand the working scenario, in which all the objects are hard, sharp and cold. They have been chosen and arranged to fulfill a specific role. On the other, the ludic area, which recreates a comfortable and more natural atmosphere made out of soft, warm and organic materials evoking a break on the road facing the city views.  

One of the doors disappears to create a clear and strong diagonal direction in the room. Like this when crossing it, the user is able to experience the dialogue of the two well defined aesthetics on both sides of the promenade. The fireplace becomes a landmark on the way, where the user is able to rest and take a break seating on the stone-like puff enabling to contemplate the rest of the room.  

The colors of the walls, the materials and textiles are meant to enhance this concept while the working space is painted in a powder green to promote concentration, the rest of the room is colonized, from floor to ceiling, by a deep blue paint. The room becomes a continuous open space without limits, like an outdoor Mediterranean location. The pieces of furniture chosen in the resting zone seem softer, rounder and the textiles are brighter and it is full of plants in contrast to the dark and sober ones from the bureau. The intention is to awaken in the user the positive conflict of two complementary landscapes.

Project realized in collaboration with STUDIO PLUTARCO