nspired by the mechanisms used for changing sets in theatrical productions, the Hoist tables remain in a continuous state of change with a system of pulleys and weights.
The tabletops adapt their form and function to diverse settings and activities, raising or lowering to best suit their task at hand. The duo envisions an apartment like a small theatre with actors and objects that perform their daily lives without the public's attention.

Three variants sport wooden tops in a trapezoidal, triangular or semicircular shape in eye-popping hues. The series can be separated or arranged alongside each other to collectively form a single surface outlining a 'P', for Plutarco perhaps? Clusters of spindle legs of lacquered steel are bound by cylindrical bases of marble. As the pulley system is activated, another marble cyclinder within the legs manipulate the height of the lacquered wood tabletop is determined.

Project in collaboration with STUDIO PLUTARCO (www.studioplutarco.com)

Images Eduardo López